More grape picking!

I had the pleasure of spending part of my morning picking grapes with Mike Moorhead, from Moorhead Farm. I learned while chatting that he had lived in Los Angeles for 10 years. What?? Small world! Spending time in Los Angeles while visiting my daughter, Kelsey, is what sparked this dream of making/selling homemade ice cream from a mobile cart. He gave me some recommendations to pass along to Kelsey for great food stops in LA.

I left him with some samples of ice cream...which he shared with his parents. Later I found out his parents are big Penn State Creamery fans. There was a moment of panic, haha. He's agreed to suffer through more samples...poor Mike ;) exchange for honest, helpful critiques (at my request). If I can get their approval I'll be feeling really good about my product! 

I'm always interested in learning and still loving my work! I've met so many cool people along the way and so many in the community who are willing and happy to support my business. Thanks, Mike, for the special grapes! I'll be dropping off some samples soon:)